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Multitool Adapter™ - Screw Edition

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Luciano Fabrizio Aldo Pasquariello
All perfect

I ordered the adapter for my Bosch tool and it works perfectly. Good product, good company. Thanks.
Luciano P.

Cioclu Sarnia Cherie
Good stuff!

Try the new adapter, no problem on check-in, good quality, can use multiple blades now, other then Bosch propietary shape. Recommended in case you want to keep your trusty tools!

john tates
Adapter multitool

Fantastische uitvinding

Paul Roth
Requires modification.

The good. The insert portion of the tool is well done. It fits very snug in my Bosch tool and the cutting blades fit tight on the pins.

My old Bosch multitool quit. My new Bosch uses the new and improved tooling.I purchased your adapter to be able to use the large assortment of tooling I have, which includes about 50 different blades, wood and metal cutting, grout removal, sheetrock, sanding and many others.
The not so good. The shaft on your retaining bolt measures 0.414 inch diameter.
The blades I have, will only pass a diameter between 0.393 to 0.400 inch.
I will need to reduce the diameter of the retaining bolt.
The blades I have are from an assortment of different manufacturers and they all fit my old Bosch. I’m sure I’m not the only person out there with this problem. Just thought you’d like to know.

Stephen Mosses
Great Adapter

You are the only company I could find that make this adapter for Bosch Multitool,
And it works great.