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Multitool Adapter™ - Click-In Edition

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Errol Mohammed
Click-in Edition

This Multitool Adapter Click-in Edition is a must have and saves you a whole lot of money with cheaper blades and accessories.
The Multitool Adapter Click-in Edition is an accessory that should have been included by Fein when I purchased my Fein Starlock FMM350QSL Oscillating tool on Amazon back in Jan 15, 2018. At the time I did not know any better.
I had to buy only the very expensive blades produced by Fein and Bosch just because the other blades don't work. I started to regret buying the Fein Starlock Oscillating tool. About two months ago I stumbled on an adapter for the Starlock Oscillating tool, which led me to this present website Oslo Tool Co. Because I live in Trinidad in the West Indies it was going to cost me a bundle of money because of currency differences TT Dollars to Euro Dollars. I contacted the company and a very nice guy by the name of Chris was very helpful, pointing me in the right direction as to which Adapter will work for my tool etc. I purchased the item and received it after a few weeks.
I am very impressed how well they made this item and how well it fitted on the Fein Starlock FMM350QSL Oscillating tool. The item seems to be magnetic which in my opinion is a plus for me, in the event I take it off I can easily place it aside and have everything together. I also love the screw which by just looking at it I know it is strong. The Adapter is very strong and sturdy. It have no play when attached to the Fein Tool so that's a good thing. I tried it out on an old Dremel blade which was given to me by a friend a few years back and was amazed to see how it fits perfectly.
To me this company stands out a cut above the rest and is genuine in there products and also will be there to help any time, great support team and full thumbs up for them.

Works good

I've been using it for about 6 months.with Flex 24v multi tool and
No issues

Larry Mitchell
Old blades - new life

Wonderful to have the opportunity to utilize the many blades I had from a prior Fein Multi Master model which no longer functioned. Found Oslo's option and it is working better than expected...