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Essentials Pack | 10 Classic Multi-Tool Blades


The Essentials Pack contains 10 great classic multi-tool blades that cover most applications at your next project. A great choice when you need a refill with new blades.

✔︎ 10 well assorted multi-tool blades.

✔︎ TOOLBOX ESSENTIALS™ | "Must-have" blades for your toolbox.

Recommended use:

Package contains:

✔︎ 3 pcs | Curved HCS 32x50mm - Fast cuts in wood, drywall, plastic and other soft materials - Bestseller

✔︎ 2 pcs | BIM28x54mm - Nail-Embedded Wood, laminates, parquet and drywall

✔︎ 2 pcs | Segment 88mm - Wood, drywall, plastics

✔︎ 1 pc | Scraper 52x50mm - Paint residues, sealants, silicone and glue

✔︎ 2 pcs | Xtra Wide Wood 68x40mm - Wood, drywall, plastics

Please note: The visual design of the blades may vary slightly from the pictures based on what is available in stock