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3 Pack Multi-Tool Blades


The 3-Pack consists of 3 great multi-tool blades for fast cuts in wood & nail-embedded wood.

✔︎ 3 carefully selected multi-tool blades.

✔︎ With curved cutting edge for fast and precise plunge sawing.

✔︎ Up to 5x faster cuts compared to blades with a flat cutting edge.

Recommended use:

Package contains:

✔︎ 2 pcs | Curved Bi-Metal 32x50mm - Nail embedded wood

✔︎ 1 pc | Curved Japan Wood 32x50mm - Lightning fast cuts in wood

Customer Reviews

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didier mari
3 Pack Multi-Tool Blades

I bought and I recommend the " 3 Pack Multi-Tool Blades " in addition of "multitool adaptor (TM) for starlock". Free and raisonable time dellivery to France. Please pay attention on the 9€ custum's fees I paid on delevery!.

Dominic Ciolli
Quality Blades

Decently priced good quality blades.

Richard Ouellette
Great product!

Very impressed with the 3 pack of blades. It's been months and thure still as sharp as they were when I bought them. Especially the carbide blade. Will definitely be ordering some again. If they ever get dull that is. Great product.
I also really like the oslo starlock adapters.. Glad I bought two in fact.. So fast to change blades. Love it. Definitely a returning customer