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Curved Wood & Nails Multi-Tool Blade SuperCut® | 5 Pack


Curved BIM is the blade you pull out for fast and precise sawing in wood with nails. An all-time favorite among our carpenters and professional customers because it is a great allrounder blade. Perfect fit for Fein SuperCut and Festool Vecturo OS 400.

✔︎ With curved cutting edge for lightning fast and precise plunge sawing.

✔︎ Up to 5X faster sawing than blades with flat cutting edge.

✔︎ Fewer vibrations and easy plunge cuts - more comfortable sawing.

Recommended use:


Cutting width: 32 mm
Cutting depth: 50 mm
The blade is made of: Premium BI-Metal
Quantity: 5 pcs
Blade fitment:Fein SuperCut, Festool Vecturo OS 400